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Castle in Bia造 B鏎

 (Bia造 B鏎 • Baldembork • Baldenburg) 

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Names similar to Bia造 B鏎 • Baldembork • Baldenburg:    Bia豉 (50%) Bia豉 (50%) Bia造stok (45%) Bia造 Ko軼i馧 (43%)

tLokalizacja zamku na mapie Polskihe first information about Bia造 B鏎 goes back to 1382. It was conquered by the Teutonic Knights, who gave it the civic rights in the same year. Being good managers, the knights reinforced their power in that near-border region by errecting a medium-size castle-fortress on a half of the island gounds on the Bielsko Lake. Due to the lack of archeological research, it is difficult to draw up the original design of the castle as well as to estimate its protective value. The building is supposed to have been a modest architectural design connected with the mainland by a wooden bridge. Its size can be judged by the stock-taking conducted in the 15th century. In 1419 in the armoury there were 6 rifles and a sack of gunpowder, whereas in 1437 there were only 2 rifles, 4 cross-bows and a sack of gunpowder. 
Zamek w Bia造m Borze
by ZeroJeden, IV 2005
The castle was taken over by the Polish army during the 13-Year War, and in 1466 according to the Toru Treaty it was passed on to Poland as the crown lands. It can be presumed that the castle gradually lost its military role. The last document concering the building is a note, which mentions the act of giving both the town and the castle to Miko豉j i Szcz瘰ny Konarski by the king Zygmunt August. Further information about the fortress is lost in the dusk of centuries. Probably because of numerous wars, the castle got devastated and knocked down by the Prussian authorities, which was the case with many other objects of this kind.
Up to now there survived the walls of the ground floor (a typical tetragon in the left head of the peninsula, which used to be an island) as well as the traces of a moat cutting the island across into two halves.
In order to get to the remains of the castle from the market square, you must cross the bridge over the inlet and get to the road leading to Szczecinek Next, turn left and follow a small road, which soon changes into a path along the shore of the lake until you get to the base of the peninsula. The most swampy part can be crossed by the foot bridge hidden among the canes. Continue along a hardly visible path.

Zamek w Bia造m Borze - by ZeroJeden, IV 2005
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