Castles of Poland
Update 2004-05-13


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Castle in Bobrek


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Names similar to Bobrek:    Bobrów (67%) Bobrzany (50%)

jLokalizacja zamku na mapie Polskian Ligęza of the house of Półkozic, the voivod and the starost of Łęczyca and wielkorządca of Cracow (the king's governor, one of the most significant Old Polish central offices, a person responsible for Małopolska district) had a castle erected at the mouth of the Wisła river. The Ligęza family purchased the Bobrek estate after 1390 and the first record of the castle goes back to 1395. Its location at the south-west end of the Republic of Poland (Rzeczpospolita) and the trade routs running through to Moravia gave the Bobrek castle a great military and economic significance.
The castle was situated probably in the same place as the presently existing palace structure.

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