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Castle in Bolesławiec

 (Bolesławiec • Bunzlau) 

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Names similar to Bolesławiec • Bunzlau:    Warta Bolesławiecka · Bolesławiec ·

iLokalizacja zamku na mapie Polskin all probability a borough already existed here in the 11th century. According to one of historical records from 1202 it belonged to a castellan. On the site of the borough a brick-and-stone castle was built and its walls were connected to the town walls in the early 14th century. The castle was probably set on a quadrangular plan and surrounded by outer moats. A tower was built in its south-east corner. In 1642, during the Thirty Years War, the castle was damaged and its deterioration began. In 1752 an Evangelical church was built in the place of the castle.
Zamek w Bolesławcu - by ZeroJeden, V 2004 Zamek w Bolesławcu - by ZeroJeden, V 2004 Zamek w Bolesławcu - Fryderyk Bernard Wernher, Topografia Śląska 1744-1768

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