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Castle in Chobienia

 (Chobienia • Köben an der Oder) 

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Names similar to Chobienia • Köben an der Oder:    Crossen an der Oder (48%) Beuthen an der Oder (48%)

iLokalizacja zamku na mapie Polskin the late 12th century there was a borough in Chobieñ, the records of which go back to 1209 and 1238. The knightly family had the first stone fortifications built in the place of the present castle, probably in the 14th century. It was set on an irregular plan and surrounded by a moat. In the 16th century the stronghold might have been pulled down and in 1583 on its site the presently existing Renaissance castle was erected. This four-wing foundation, on a plan of rectangular, has 3 corner towers and a gate tower in the west wing. The structure underwent two reconstructions, in the 18th century and in 1905. It was badly damaged during World War II and the interiors destroyed. The wings of the castle are one-track and two-track two-storey buildings 
Zamek w Chobieni
by ZeroJeden, V 2005
with rooms with barrel vaulting and with lunettes on the first floor. On the elevation there are stone window frame-works and portals in Renaissance and Baroque styles. Inside the castle there is a painted stucco ceiling from 1583 with some fragments of a decorative plant-like motif.

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