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Update 2004-05-13


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Castle in Gostynin


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tLokalizacja zamku na mapie Polskihe tower of the dukes castle has left to our times within the body of the so-called "old church" in Gostynin. The castle was founded by the dukes of Mazovia on the hill by the Skrwa River probably in the late 14th century. Initially it was meant for the seat of the castellany. Neglected in the 16th century the castle slightly declined, but at the beginning of the 17th century it was reconstructed. After the castle had been destroyed by the Swedish army during so-called "Swedish Deluge" it fell into ruin. On the site of the castle a church was built in the 19th century. The remains of the castle were incorporated into that new structure (e.g. foundations)
The renovation works are being carried out at the moment. The building is meant for the seat of "Dom Partnerstwa" (House of Partnership) with the city of Langenfeld. It is also going to be an entertainment-and-recreation center.

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