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blankOlsztyn - Wersja polska

Castle in Olsztyn

 (Olsztyn • Allenstein) 

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Names similar to Olsztyn • Allenstein:    Olsztynek (100%) Olsztyn (100%)

tLokalizacja zamku na mapie Polskihe Olsztyn Castle was the most important and solid one among fortresses in Warmia Province. The construction of the castle on the bank of the Łyna River began in 1346, seven years before Olsztyn was granted civic rights.
As the castle was designed as the Warmia Chapter bishops? seat, it was inhabited by chapters? administrators. One of them, Nicolaus Copernicus, stayed and worked there between 1516 and 1521.
This Gothic construction was set on a quadrangle plan...
After the first partition of Poland in 1772, Prussian administration offices were located in the castle. In 1779-1977, its north wing was used by an Evangelic Community. The castle was considerably damaged in two fires, the first one in 1821, and the second in 1827. During the following years, the 
Zamek w Olsztynie
Zdjęcie z widokówki z pierwszej połowy XX wieku
restauration and renovation works were carried out: 1837-1839 ? the east wing and the chapel in the south wing, 1865 ? the south wing, 1871 ? the north wing. In the 19th century, Prussian authorities ordered demolition of the fortifications.
At the beginning of the 20th century, the castle was adopted for a seat of the Prussian administration and housed a regional museum.
Since 1945 the castle has been the main seat of the Warmia and Mazury Museum. It stages exhibitions of history and art and also gives access to the chapel and the watchtower to the visitors to the castle.

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