Castles of Poland
Update 2004-05-13


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Castle in Warszawa - Ostrogskich


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Translated by: JAPCOK

iLokalizacja zamku na mapie Polskit is likely that in the late 16th century prince Janusz Ostrogski, the castellan of Cracow, erected a castle in the close neighbourhood of the walls of Warsaw, on a lofty escarpment by the Vistula river.
The castle was damaged during the so-called ?Swedish Deluge?. In 1680 the Ostrogski family estates were purchased by Jan Gliński, the Great Crown Deputy Chancellor. In 1681 he ordered the construction of a new vast residence on the site of the castle. He hired one of the greatest architects of the times - Tilman van Gameren. The works were interrupted soon, probably by the sudden death of the founder. By that time only a small part of the buttress walls had been built in the area of the present Tamka Street and by the Vistula river. Beside these walls a small two-storeyed structure (probably 
Zamek Ostrogskich w Warszawie
Widok z lotu ptaka od północnego-wschodu, fot. ZeroJeden, V 2012
a warehouse) was built. In the early 18th century the unfinished palace foundation passed on to the Zamoyski family, who did not proceed with the former project but adapted the already existing building for the palace residence after a design by Józef Fontana. Afterwards the structure changed hands several times.
In 1820 the castle was sold by auction and purchased by Michał Gajewski. He heightened the building by adding one more storey and erected annexes to move the police station there. In 1858 the castle housed the Warsaw Music Institute conservatory.
Damaged during World War II, the castle was restored in the years 1949-1953 according to the 17th-century design and it became a seat of The Frederick Chopin Society.

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