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blankWarszawa - Ujazdowski - Wersja polska

Castle in Warszawa - Ujazdowski


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Names similar to Warszawa - Ujazdowski:    Ujazd (90%) Ujazd (90%) Ujazd (90%) Warszawa - Królewski (44%)

tLokalizacja zamku na mapie Polskihe Ujazdowski castle, a palace actually, almost from the very beginning had residencial functions. In the 14th century on the site of the wooden-and-earth borough a small castle was erected to protect the main seat against the Lituanian incursions. In 1548 Queen Bona had the castle developed only for residential purpose. In the early 17th century when the capital was moved to Warsaw, the king Zygmnunt III Waza again had the castle in Ujazdowo extended and made it his summer residence. It was then that the castle got its present shape. During the Swedish wars the castle was destroyed in 1655. When the Swedish troops withdrew the castle passed into the hands of the Lubomirski family and they hired Tylman von Gameren to restore the castle. The following reconstruction was performed on the initiative of Stanisław August Poniatowski, but soon afterwards the king appointed the castle for the military use. From 1809 to the break out of the World War II it housed a military hospital. During the war the castle got burned by fire. In 1954 the ruins were pulled 
Zamek Ujazdowski w Warszawie
Fragment panoramy z zamkiem na sztychu Erika Dahlbergha z dzieła Samuela Pufendorfa 'De rebus a Carolo Gustavo gestis', 1656 rok
down. The castle was rebuilt from scratch. Now it houses the Centre of Modern Arts.

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