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Castle in Będziemyśl


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iLokalizacja zamku na mapie Polskin the 14-15th centuries a settlement was situated on the promontory of the hill, probably without the man-made fortifications. Only a deep ditch separated the settlement from the rest of the hill. Later on along the edge of the hill the embankments were built. In the 16-17th centuries the hill was made higher; probably in the same time as the walls were erected (the walls were recently uncovered during archaeological research). A high two-track dwelling house was built on the east side of the hill. The rest was surrounded by a wall with two towers or two bastejas. The castle got burned in fire.
The research was carried out twice, the first by J.S.Barłowska in 1966 and by S. Czopek and J.Podgórska-Czopek in 1990 (the second was a rescue research, as the top part of the hill was levelled). Now there is a pasture on the site of the castle.

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