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Castle in Buk


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tLokalizacja zamku na mapie Polskihe first castle in Bug was erected as a family residence for the Plötz family in some mid-13th century. The fortification system consisted of the embankments set on a square plan (44x44m), 4-metres high. 2,5m below the top of the embankments there was an inner ward with a 20-metre long dwelling house at the centre.
We do not know exactly when the castle was abandoned. In the 14th century the Flemming family had a new stronghold erected nearby. The castle served as a family seat until 1380. The last note of "the old castle" goes back to 1587 which leads to the conclusion, that it was still used. In the 17th century it fell into ruin. Only the embankments and the fragmentary walls of the dwelling house have survived of the castle.
Zamek w Buku - by ZeroJeden, VII 2005 Zamek w Buku - by ZeroJeden, VII 2005 Zamek w Buku - Plan pozostałości zamku von Plotzów

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