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Castle in Gniewkowo

 (Gniewkowo • Argenau) 

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Names similar to Gniewkowo • Argenau:    Gniew · Gniewoszów ·

oLokalizacja zamku na mapie Polskince there was a duke's borough in Gniewkowo. In the early 14th century it served as a seat of Kazimierz III, the duke of Inowrocław and Gniew. In 1332 the Knights of the Teutonic Order forced him to burn the borough down. On the site of the borough the Teutonic Knights raised a castle and called it Argenau. Soon after Gniewkowo was passed on to the duke of Kujawy, Władysław Biały (the White) who sold his estates to Kazimierz Wielki (Casmir the Great) in 1365.
After the death of the king (Kazimierz Wielki) the castle was captured by Władysław Biały who burnt it down. Soon after he was defeated by the king's starosts. In 1379 Ludwik Węgierski, next to own Gniewkowo estates, gave the Gniewkowo castle to Władysław Opolczyk to hold it in feud.

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