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Castle in Ińsko


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iLokalizacja zamku na mapie Polskińsko was given the civic rights in 1390 when it was within the administrative area of Brandenburg and belonged to the Wedel family. They built a regular-in-shape lowland castle in the close neighborhood of the city in the early 14th century. The lower sections of the outer walls were probably built in stone when the upper sections were in brick. There was only one residential building there. The marshy meadows surrounding the castle strenghtened the defensive system. In 1375 it was one of the best fortified knight castles east of the Odra River. When the Teutonic Knights took over the Ińsko area, the castle also fell into their hands and served them properly. It is impossible to establish certain date of the castle?s abandonment or give details of its falling into ruin as its late history is still unknown.
Only the castle?s foundation hidden beneath the stone-and-brick rubble has left up to now.

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