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blankOsiek - Wersja polska

Castle in Osiek

 (Osiek • Ossiek • Osyeck) 

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Names similar to Osiek • Ossiek • Osyeck:    Osiek · Osiek Jasielski · Osieczna ·

Translated by: JAPCOK

tLokalizacja zamku na mapie Polskihe ruins of the Teutonic castle over the Kałębie Lake. During the Thirty Year War it changed hands many times. After the war had ended the castle was within Polish administrative territory. Then (after 1466) it was made a seat of Polish king's administration (starosty). It was transformed into a Renaissanse palace by A. Walewski, chamberlain of Sochaczew. The structure was damaged by the invaders during "Swedish deluge". During the partitions of Poland it belonged to Prussia and in the 18th century Prussian administration ordered its demolition. Only some parts of the walls and an outline of the moats have remained.
Zamek w Osieku - by ZeroJeden, X 2002 Zamek w Osieku - by JAPCOK, X 2002 Zamek w Osieku - by JAPCOK, X 2002 Zamek w Osieku - by ZeroJeden, VI 2008 Zamek w Osieku - Plan zamku według J.Heise  [<a href=/bibl_ksiazka.php?idksiazki=211&wielkosc_okna=d onclick='ksiazka(211);return false;'>źródło</a>]

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