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blankGorzanów - średniowieczny - Wersja polskaGorzanów - średniowieczny - Česká verze

Castle in Gorzanów - średniowieczny

 (Gorzanów - średniowieczny • Keilberg • Arnoldisdorf) 

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Names similar to Gorzanów - średniowieczny • Arnoldisdorf • Keilberg:    Gorzanów · Prusice - średniowieczny ·

tLokalizacja zamku na mapie Polskihe first castle in Gorzanów was built before 1341.The first historic record goes back to 1341, when Gorzanów was in hands of the Ratschin family. Damaged during the Hussite Wars in the twenties of the 15th century the castle was devastated again in 1470 during the military conflict between Jerzy of Podiebrad and Maciej Korwin, which resulted in total demolition of the castle and it was abandoned for good. The remains of the walls were pulled down in 1805. It is impossible to pin-point its location or give precise description of the castle's foundation. All we know is that it was located to the north of the present castle; a garden was arranged on its site.

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